Terms of Service

Welcome to AchieveUp, a mobile app designed to help you connect with others and form mastermind groups, accountability groups, and support groups to accelerate your goal achievement. Before you sign up and start using our app, please read and agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Acceptance of Terms

By accessing or using AchieveUp, you agree to comply with these Terms of Service, as well as any other terms, guidelines, or policies that apply to your use of our app. If you do not agree to these terms, please refrain from using AchieveUp.

2. Responsible Use

2.1 You are responsible for using AchieveUp in a manner that respects the safety and well-being of others and upholds the integrity of our community. Chat messages are private among group members. However, display names, user bios, group names and group descriptions are public. Therefore, you agree not to engage in any of the following conduct:

a) Violating these Terms, the Safety, Privacy and Authenticity Guidelines, or any other applicable terms and policies related to your use of AchieveUp.
b) Engaging in unlawful, misleading, discriminatory, or fraudulent activities, or assisting others in doing so.
c) Sharing or distributing content that you do not own or have the necessary rights to share.
d) Infringing or violating the intellectual property rights of others, including copyright or trademark infringement, or distributing counterfeit or pirated goods, unless permitted by applicable law.
e) Uploading viruses or malicious code, engaging in spamming, or any other activity that could disable, overburden, interfere with, or impair the proper functioning, integrity, operation, or appearance of AchieveUp, its services, or systems.
f) Accessing or collecting data from AchieveUp using automated means without our prior permission, or attempting to access unauthorized data.
g) Proxying, requesting, or collecting other users’ usernames, passwords, or access tokens, or misappropriating such information.
h) Selling, licensing, or purchasing any data obtained from AchieveUp or our services, except as explicitly permitted in our Platform Terms.
i) Misusing reporting, flagging, dispute, or appeals channels, such as making fraudulent, duplicative, or groundless reports or appeals.

2.2 We reserve the right to remove or restrict access to any content that violates the above provisions. Furthermore, we may suspend or disable your account if your conduct breaches these terms.

3. Content Removal and Account Suspension

3.1 If we remove content you have shared due to a violation of our Community Standards, we will notify you and provide options for requesting a review, unless:
– Your violations are severe or repeated.
– Allowing another review may expose us or others to legal liability.
– Your actions harm our user community, compromise the integrity or operation of our services or systems, or are restricted due to technical limitations or legal reasons.

3.2 Account suspension or termination may occur in cases of serious or repeated violations of these terms.

4. Reporting Violations

To maintain a safe and respectful community, we encourage you to report any content or conduct that you believe violates your rights, including intellectual property rights, or our terms and policies. Please use the reporting feature in the app.

5. Removal or Restriction of Content and Features

We retain the right to remove or restrict access to content features, services, or information on AchieveUp if we reasonably determine that doing so is necessary to prevent or mitigate misuse of our services or to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

By using AchieveUp, you acknowledge and accept that we have the authority to enforce these terms and take appropriate actions in response to violations.

If you have any questions or concerns about these Terms of Service, please contact us at support@achieveup.ai. Your feedback is valuable to us, and we will strive to address your inquiries in a timely manner.

6. Modifications to the Terms

We may update or modify these Terms of Service from time to time to reflect changes in our app, services, or legal requirements. We will notify you of any significant changes by providing a prominent notice within AchieveUp or by sending you an email. It is your responsibility to review the updated terms and continue using AchieveUp only if you agree to the revised terms.

By using AchieveUp, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to these Terms of Service. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to supporting you on your journey to achieving your goals.

Date of Last Revision: 06/27/23